XOXO - Erotic Art Exhibition and Social Media Event

Teaming up with Dujour Marketing for the XOXO Erotic Art Exhibitions and Social Media Event, my first internationally curated show will be on Saturday, September 21st, 2013 in Vancouver, BC.

Thank you to all the amazing artists the submitting works for this event! And thank you Tita and Avery from Dujour for putting in countless hours and organization to make this event one not to be missed! And thank you to our sponsors for the support! 

The Ultimate Fanny Post

Long overdue, but finally, here it is. From the meager beginnings to the star studded end....here we go!!

The tools. 

Broken Beauty Group Exhibition

I love being a part of the Red Siren Art Collective among my fellow talented colleagues. Thank you to WWA Gallery for hosting the exhibit! See you in LA in November! 


My beginnings.

When I first started painting, I studied under artist Li Wang, who is a still life artist from Toronto. After learning some foundation and oil painting techniques, I started exhibiting my work at the art festival circuit all across the country for about 2 years until I developed my voice. Deciding to exclude this series from my official gallery, here is a sample of the still life work that I came from.