eXXXotica New Jersery 2012

Exxxotica New Jersery...2012.. Where can I begin...

So we had decided to go on a "show hiatus" after Exxxotica NJ 2011 to focus more on my time in the studio. What a terrible Idea! Im definately one of those procrasinators that NEED deadlines, in which without one, I would never, ever, finish a painting. And plus, we missed all our friends, and fans of the Exxxotica CRAZY.

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Holiday Window Art THYME-lapse

Winter had just kinda started in NY around December of 2011. One of my favorite local resturants, THYME, hired me and my friend Angela to do a Winter window art scene. We arranged for my favorite and most talented videographer Tim Matteson of Sweet Victory TV to come shoot the thyme-laspe of it and here is our finished product! 


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My Chinese Parents watch 2 girls 1 cup.

Yes, this is my REAL parents. And YES, they are watching 2 girls 1 cup.. enjoy! 

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