Work in Progress :: Exxxotica Awards Award.

Submitted by Fang on Thu, 2012-12-06 00:52

Work in Progress :: Exxxotica Awards Award.

I am very excited to be creating the award for the Exxxotica Fan Choice awards. 

This is the begining of the progress and I will be posting more pictures as I work it like a pro.

First, I had to set up my clay studio which is also my outdoor background creating studio in our Florida sun room.

Thanks to Craigslist for hooking me up 3 banquet tables for $15 each! 

I sketched out my vision for the statue for Exxxotica's approval after we worked out the important factors of the sculpture.

After I built my armature for the statue, I started to build up the clay and form it into the general shape to where I can start from.

P.S. I discovered  the amazingness that is Hot Glue during the armature process. And I am mad at ALL OF YOU for not telling me about its magnificence! 



I am using a plastilina oil based clay from Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga, TN (aka my most favorite city to have resided in). 

I realized that nails and dry scaly thumb skin is definitely not preferred when working with this sensitive clay. So I use tools. Lots of tools...

Wine, however, is strongly preferred. This winery is local to me and my current weapon of choice. Sipping it from a glass other than a wine glass is extra points.


This book has been a great guide for general sculpture techniques and guides. I love you Mr. Lanteri.

Here is a picture of my latest progress as of December 4th, 2012.