The Red Man Film

I am excited and honored to announce that I have been signed on as Production Designer for the independent feature film, The Red Man.

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The Ultimate Fanny Post

Long overdue, but finally, here it is. From the meager beginnings to the star studded we go!!

The tools. 

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My beginnings.

When I first started painting, I studied under artist Li Wang, who is a still life artist from Toronto. After learning some foundation and oil painting techniques, I started exhibiting my work at the art festival circuit all across the country for about 2 years until I developed my voice. Deciding to exclude this series from my official gallery, here is a sample of the still life work that I came from.


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"Why Can't They See Me?" - New Painting - 2013

I have a good feeling about you, 2013. 

"The Collector" and "Why Can't They See Me?"

Ive been warming up on smaller sized canvas and for some reason, I feel that they take much longer then my usual massive "Napoleon Complex"induced sizes. 

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Pretty Little Fangs for Exxxotica

I just got in some of the awesome Pretty Little Fangs jewelry made by Sheresa Lynn Coates. The packaging and details are amazing, and I can't wait to bust them out at Exxxotica this weekend!! 

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Pretty Frames

Pretty frames for pretty girls. Get'em at Exxxotica NJ next weekend!

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