"Why Can't They See Me?" - New Painting - 2013

Submitted by Fang on Mon, 2013-01-07 14:52

"Why Can't They See Me?" - New Painting - 2013

I have a good feeling about you, 2013. 

"The Collector" and "Why Can't They See Me?"

Ive been warming up on smaller sized canvas and for some reason, I feel that they take much longer then my usual massive "Napoleon Complex"induced sizes. 

Ive been watching/listening to alot of ghost stories as of late. Ive always been highly fasinated and terrified of "ghosts",  "spirits" and what not. What ive gathered from all the stories and hauntings is that mostly, theyre really love stories with tragedy, desire and violence. Whether you believe or not, you cannot deny that the power of love can keep us connected and significant even after the body has estinquished. Ive decided to incorporate some of these notable figures, stories, and profound emotions of love and tragedy into my new series. 

One of my newest peicest is called "Why Can't They See Me?' which was not only inspired by my increased desire to explore this curious realm, but when I was taking a work in progress pic for the social media madness, I was playing "My Ghost Story" on Hulu and I snapped the pic and captured the screen shot at that exact moment. I did not stop the video to take the picture. 


"Why Can't They See Me?" That was a EVP recording of a little boy who has long since passed and would move things around his house and laugh. But that sentence struck me so deep with longing and sadness that at the moment I decided to title the painting. I feel that we all have a desire to be seen, to be heard, to be known, and in some way, thats why I am a artist. 

Fang Out. 

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