My First Timelaspe Video


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Upcoming 2013 Atlantic City - EXXXOTICA EXPO



and we cant freakin wait...


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eXXXotica New Jersery 2012

Exxxotica New Jersery...2012.. Where can I begin...

So we had decided to go on a "show hiatus" after Exxxotica NJ 2011 to focus more on my time in the studio. What a terrible Idea! Im definately one of those procrasinators that NEED deadlines, in which without one, I would never, ever, finish a painting. And plus, we missed all our friends, and fans of the Exxxotica CRAZY.

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Lola Meets Erotic Artist...Me! Sexpert Advisory Interview at Exxxotica NJ 2012

Miss Lola Bastinado interviews me at Exxxotica NJ 2012 for Make sure you follow her on Twitter and check out her site, AND her sexy parties!! Kinda Sorta NSFW. 

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Moon Goddess Google+ Artist Inteviews

I was so honored to be a part of the Moon Goddess Exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery in San Fransico this year. The show was curated by the very talented Aunia Kahn and my piece was called "Lunar Sacrafice."

You can see more works from the show here

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Holiday Window Art THYME-lapse

Winter had just kinda started in NY around December of 2011. One of my favorite local resturants, THYME, hired me and my friend Angela to do a Winter window art scene. We arranged for my favorite and most talented videographer Tim Matteson of Sweet Victory TV to come shoot the thyme-laspe of it and here is our finished product! 


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Interview at Exxxotica Chicago 2011

Big thanks to Ed McGonagle, Legendary Hero of Irish American Cinematography. (No not really, but really ;) This interview was at Exxxotica Expo Chicago 2011 and I remember doing this in two parts, one early in the day, and the last part at the end of a 12 loud ass screaming convention. I was so exhausted, at one point my husband said I looked like a zombie! Big thanks to Ed with his legendary Editing skills!

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My Chinese Parents watch 2 girls 1 cup.

Yes, this is my REAL parents. And YES, they are watching 2 girls 1 cup.. enjoy! 

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