Public Displays of Intimacy

Submitted by Fang on Tue, 2014-07-08 07:45

Public Displays of Intimacy


Shining a light on our most personal moments

"Within every being, there is a(n) undeniable desire and insatiable appreciation of self-expression. It is only natural that we are inspired by each other." -Fang Ling Lee




One cannot deny the astronomical impact that technological advancements have has on the way we communicate with one another. 

Being social has never been easier, or more addictive. Friends, lovers, and "likes" are just a finger tap away. Likewise, our wants, needs, and loneliness, can be satisfied with the click of a button. 

This series is about how technology has changed the way human beings express their sexuality.
This series is also about perspective.

Perspective #1:

"Selfies" - An invention of the exhibitionists, allows one to show themselves from their own unique, unfetted perspective. The subject of the subject, they are sharing themselves by showing us what they see in the mirror. 



Perspective #2:

"Voyeurs" - An invention of the curious, the shy, the perverted. This perspective is at once closer, and farther away from it's subject. It is the viewpoint of the face in the crowd, the fan, the objectifier. They are sharing themselves by showing us what they see in their subject.

The Public Displays of Intimacy series, has allowed me to fulfill my objective using only oils. In turn, I have had the opportunity to exercise a different technique,  while enjoying the energy created by being abstract. With new tools, comes new talents, and while they form, I have been freed from expectation, and my own rigorous, compulsive perfection. 



My artistry goal through this project, to paint looser but tighter. I searched for precision in the chaos, and found both drive and impulse.


After coming down from the intense, and inspiring creative experience of being the Production Designer for the feature film, "The Red Man", my education of seeing how dramatic lighting, frame and scenery can make or break a scene, has given me a renewed appreciation of context, and surroundings, which have also found their way into this series. 



As such, my new series, is indebted to my experience on The Red Man film set, and for my new outlook on the themes, technology, and emotions that drive us to create, and drive us to share. It is both a blessing and a curse to feel, experience and reflect so intense deeply and profoundly. 


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