The Biggest Shallot in the World.

That is all.

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Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

What do i mean by "perfect?" You know... when the whites are cooked and a little edge of the yolk is too, but the yolky center is warm, creamy and gooey and all I want is THAT all over my face..dripping down my chin....yeah...thats what i mean.


2 raw large eggs

A few cups of water for boiling

A bowl of ice water 

Salt and Pepper


1. Boil water. Make it bubble furiously. Ok, maybe not that aggressive...but just make sure its boiling.

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My favorite Sandwich.

In this order....

Everything Bagel

Pine Nut Hummus

Provolone Cheese



Tomato Slice

The end result will be about a foot high and glorious.

Eat with a Dragon Fruit and enjoy the magic.

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