eXXXotica New Jersery 2012

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eXXXotica New Jersery 2012

Exxxotica New Jersery...2012.. Where can I begin...

So we had decided to go on a "show hiatus" after Exxxotica NJ 2011 to focus more on my time in the studio. What a terrible Idea! Im definately one of those procrasinators that NEED deadlines, in which without one, I would never, ever, finish a painting. And plus, we missed all our friends, and fans of the Exxxotica family...like CRAZY.

So before our return to one of our favorite Exxxotica Expos, Hurricane Sandy devastated the NY/NJ area. Power outages, short fuel supplies and then a Nor'Easter to top it all off, we remained resilient on the success of the show. Not to mention, BOTH of my husbands grandparents (from different sides of his family) ended up in the hospital for the SAME thing! Headstrong, we packed up our faithful van and headed on our way.

Of course, I slept most of the way....

Apparently, we were not driving fast enough...

We Made it! Set up a double and the show began!

i like a nice, packed booth. 

The photography collages you see are by our friend Brett Johnson whos work can be seen here.

I really enjoyed meeting new collectors and friends! 

This is tattoo artist David Husselbee and his pretty friend. Check him out here

I interviewed with Lola Bastinado...

Click on the PIc to see the interview. 

My favorite collectors Michelle and her man came and collected more works from me and my dad for their collection. 

I tried out this pose....alot...

Thats our friend Dan Diamond. He is an amazing recording artist.

"Dirty Girlz" is obviously NSFW and the video is all done in ONE shot!

check out my peice "Absence" in the bathroom.


Our booth was right across from the beautiful trannies. I was jealous all weekend. ;)


Our friends Dan and Mark from Hotmovies.com came to see us. 


And Eat doughnuts...

Sorry Dan... ;)

We partied...and Diane (aka Exxxotica Mom) did all the dancing...

All in all, it was an incrediable show. They'll be more pictures posted by Exxxotica Expo on their site.